Bitesa is breaking new grounds by introducing high quality, more quantity, and the most healthy food products in Pakistan. At Bitesa! You’ll be able to treat yourself with some of the best, delicious, and mouthwatering Burgers, Steaks, Pasta, Pizza, and much more at a valuable price, a friendly and fun packaged atmosphere, and the advantage of having all this in your very own, beautiful and ancient city Peshawar. The entire team at Bitesa Peshawar only has two major goals: First to serve the best Quantity, quality and healthy food and Second to make the visits of our guests at Bitesa the most memorable and delightful one. Food here is cooked under a clean and hygienic environment and is served in a friendly & lively environment. Our Bitesa outlet at Peshawar uses a very classic, soothing, and attractive theme where friendly and perfect customer service combines together with a fun and energetic ambiance to give you the best of the best experience ever!

Have a Wholesome Experience like never before

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We guarantee

45 Minutes Delivery!

If you’re in a meeting, don’t feel like cooking at home, or just want to have something extra delicious. Let us know, and we will be there!